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An Important Message about the Music Festival Programme

Unfortunately there will be no choir classes at St Helier Town Church on Sunday evening, 12th November
The Leonard Herivel Concerto Class 131 has been moved to late Sunday afternoon

The Festival of Performing Arts (Dance, English Speech & Drama and Music) – comprising Dance (which is held every other year), English Speech & Drama and Music (both Instrumental and Vocal) – is held each November at the Jersey Arts Centre and (we hope soon) the Jersey Opera House

The Festival of Performing Arts (Languages) has sections covering French, Jèrriais and Modern Languages (German, Polish and Portuguese) and is held each January at various Island venues

The Festival of Creative Arts – which includes Arts & Crafts, Floral Art, Handwriting & Calligraphy, Needlework & Textile Art and Photography – is held each Spring at the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society Headquarters at Trinity

“This year was the best festival with regard to visitors and takings for years

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The National Eisteddfod is one of Europe’s largest music and poetry festivals