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The Paperweight Award

THE PAPERWEIGHT is designed for people, unconnected to the Jersey Eisteddfod but who have significantly contributed to its success.

YearWinnerSection or Area
2003Valentine AitkenPhotography
Ron PerchardFestival
2022None Awarded 
2021None Awarded 
2020None Awarded 
2019None Awarded 
2018Annie PopePrimary Art & Craft
2017None Awarded 
2016None Awarded 
2015Annette Le RicheSpecial
2014None Awarded 
2013None Awarded 
2012John ReynelSupporter
2011Robin Le BoutillierSpecial (ES&D)
 Carole MartinSpecial
2010Nicholas Cabot MBESupporter
 Mim PoigndestreSupporter Music
2009Judith BennettSteward
 Collette QuinSpecial
2008Liz FarnonSpecial
 Eileen FortunSpecial
2007Joanna NelsonSpecial (Music)
2006Christopher BaconSpecial (Music)
 Sue Le CheminantSpecial
2005Thomas HamonSpecial
 Fort Regent (Colin Stanier)Special
2004Steven Edwards (Laffoley-Edwards)Special
 RJA&HS (James Godfrey)Special
2003Emily SnellSpecial
 John BurnsSupporter
2002Deutsche BankSponsor
2001Ann ChamierSpecial (Music)
 Diane RichardsonSpecial
 Jersey BrewerySpecial
2000Connétable R Le Brocq (St Helier)Special
 Sister PascalineSpecial
 Luigi OrtelliSpecial
1999June BoleatSpecial
 Margaret HobbsSpecial
 Juliana O’FicheliSpecial
 John ShieldSpecial
1998Elizabeth Le GalPrimary Art
1997Helvetia House (Ann Atkinson)Special
 James HorsfallMusic
1996Rev. Malcolm BealeSpecial
 Jersey Arts TrustSponsor
1995Patrick FreelyAdmin
 Barry SylvesterSpecial
1994Paula CummingsSpecial
 Lloyds Bank (David Watkins)Sponsor