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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer Army Needs Recruits!

If you have enjoyed any part of the Festival of the Creative Arts or the Festivals of the Performing Arts then please consider offering your help.

All our section organisers are unpaid volunteers and rely on the goodwill of their teams of helpers to run their part of the Festival successfully and safely.

We have volunteering opportunities in all areas of Eisteddfod life:

     Could you take the minutes at a committee meeting?

     Could you write a certificate for a young pianist?

     Could you keep a watchful eye over a table of embroidery?

     Or sell tickets for daily sessions at the Opera House or Arts Centre?

There are many other possibilities.

Our Festivals have been running for over 100 years and involve a large proportion of our island’s population at all ages. However, the continued success of some sections is severely hampered by a lack of new helpers. The Jersey public was nearly faced with some empty boards at the RJ&HS exhibition hall recently.

If you have some free time on your hands and enjoy working with others, then please email to contact Karen Dufty, the General Administrator.