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The JESSA Award

THE JESSA, the Jersey Eisteddfod Special Service Award, is designed for those people who have significantly contributed to the success of the Jersey Eisteddfod over a number of years

Year Winner Section/Area
2022               Gill Himayakanthan             Floral Art
                       Kath Le Maistre                  Needlework & Textile Art
2021               Marianne Sargent               Jèrriais
2020               Not Awarded                      
2019               Susan Bone                        Needlework & Textile Art
                       Anthony Scott Warren         Jèrriais
2018              Jane Le Sueur                     Music
2017               Not Awarded                    
2016               Monica Noel                       Dance
2015               Gloria Roscouet                 Floral Art
2014              Ruth Labey                        English Speech & Drama
                      Nicola Robinson                 Friends
2013              Helen Racjan                      Dance
                      Roselle Sutherland             English Speech & Drama
2012              Angela Luce                       Music
                     Peter Ward                         Adult & Youth Art & Craft
2011              Jenny Gill                           Primary Art
                      John Grimshaw                 Trophies; ES&D from 2011
                      Sandra Le Vesconte          Floral Art
                      Anne Herrod                      Jèrriais
2010              Judy Gardener                   Adult & Youth Art & Craft
                      Colin Ireson                       Jèrriais
                      Heather Le Maistre            Needlework & Textile Art
                      Jean Shiels                        Music
2009              Rowland Heaven               Music; Vice-President
                      Patricia Holt                       Needlework & Textile Art
                      Sue Russel                        Floral Art
                      Peter Shaw                       Trophies
2008              Lesley Curgenven             Photography
                      Lola Garvin                        French
                      Lesley Liston                     Handwriting
                      Sandra Mathew                 Dance
                      Elisabeth Perchard            Needlework & Textile Art
                      Shirley Groombridge         English Speech & Drama